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Allow us to introduce our pastoral staff to you. They have been called to provide spiritual leadership and to equip people for ministry here at Bakerview Church.

Ray Harris - Associate Pastor

Senior Associate Pastor

Ray preaches and teaches regularly and loves serving in the areas of prayer ministries, outreach and discipleship. He coordinates Care Groups, Visitation, and Adult Ministries at Bakerview. Ray co-pastors the Traditional Congregation and is the liaison pastor with seniors. Ray is married to Corinne and they enjoy their three married children and grandchildren.


Stephanie Sawatzky - Associate Pastor

Children’s Ministries

As the Associate Pastor of  Children's Ministries here at Bakerview Church, Stephanie partners with families to provide children with a Christian education that strives to bring children into a closer relationship with Jesus.


Kimbal Martens - Associate Pastor

Contemporary Services

Kimbal joined the Bakerview staff in September 2009 and gives leadership to the Contemporary Service, which he desires to be a community who follow Jesus with faith and love. Kimbal and his wife, Tonia, have three children: Bria, (married to Matt Magra), Tyler and Jessa. Kimbal enjoys playing rec hockey, drinking strong coffee, and dating his wife!


Linda Funk - Administrator

Linda joined our team here at Bakerview in October of 2001, following several years of ministry in the finance department at Columbia Bible College. By partnering together with our Board of Finance and Management, Linda provides leadership and oversight to Bakerview facilities and finances, as well as to our office and janitorial staff.


Carol Heynen - Associate Pastor

Worship Arts - Liturgical Services

Carol joined the Bakerview staff in September 2012. Before coming to Bakerview she ministered to students at Columbia Bible College and Briercrest College and is passionate about creating space for people to meet with God. Carol enjoys the theatre and tries to get there as often as possible, either behind the scenes, performing on stage or sitting in the audience.


Duane Bradley - Associate Pastor

Worship Arts - Contemporary Services

Fifteen years ago, if you had told Duane he would be a pastor, he would have chuckled.  Had you told him he’d be a worship pastor, he would have outright laughed at you.  Though he had some limited experience playing on worship teams at youth and during high school, there was very little in his life that would have pointed to this as being his current situation.

However, in 2003, God turned his life around.  


Bruce Havery - Support Staff

Technology and Facilities Manager

Bruce is married to Heidi. He loves all kinds of music, usually playing it loud! 


Carla Thiessen - Associate Pastor

Youth Ministries

Carla joined the Bakerview team officially in January 2015. She is married to Brad and they have a son named Peter (2 1/2) and daughter Ruth (4 months).  Carla has been a part of Bakerview for the past 4 years as a youth leader and has grown to love the crazy group that attends. Carla loves to talk about Jesus. Her home is always open for coffee or hang outs, she enjoys going on day adventures with her family and friends and loves a good pun. 


Harry Heidebrecht - Associate Pastor

Interim - Traditional Services

Harry is currently serving as an interim pastor in our Traditional Congregation.


Heidi Olfert - Support Staff

Administrative Assistant

Heidi has worked in the Bakerview office since 2005. She enjoys reading, cooking and gardening.


Lesley Dick - Support Staff

Administrative Assistant

Lesley has been working in the Bakerview office since 2005 and has been married to Ron for 35 years. She loves her role meeting people and being a friendly face at the office window. She has a passion for women's ministries and is crazy about her four grandchildren. She also is very proud of her 26 handicap in golf!