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Carla Thiessen

Youth Ministries

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Carla joined the Bakerview team officially in January 2015. She is married to Brad and they have two children, son Peter and daughter Ruth.  Carla began her ministry as a youth leader and has grown to love the crazy group that attends. Carla loves to talk about Jesus. Her home is always open for coffee or hang outs, she enjoys going on day adventures with her family and friends and loves a good pun.

a little more about Carla

likes to: play volleyball, kick-ball, pickleball, hanging out with family and friends (friends include youth!)

favorite books: Bonhoeffer's Biography. I love Biographies and Archie Comics

favorite foods: SUSHI, and ramen noodle soup, thai food

favorite joke: one muffin said to the other muffin in the oven " man its hot in here", then the other muffin said "ahhh a talking muffin!"

favorite animal: wildebeest (she even wrote a song about it)

if you want to know more about Carla, you can come and have a coffee with her!